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2022 Access to Inclusion: Adaptive Sports & Recreation for the Visually Impaired

Career Education is important, but at times can feel like it is the least touched upon of the 9 areas of the expanded core curriculum (ECC). It can look different depending on the student’s ability level, resulting in not addressing it to being unsure how to address it. This presentation will share examples of career education and how it may look for students as young as preschool with multiple disabilities to high school students entering a “first job.”

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this session, participants will be able to…
1. List/provide activities that relate to career education of all levels.
2. Utilize interest inventory/checklists.
3. Informally identify student’s ability level to help guide activities (Preschool MDSSI vs High School VI) as it relates to career education.

This session was presented by Amber Hodges, Tara Hill and Claire Fineberg on October 28, 2022.