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WAER 2022: Collaborative Vision Conference

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Collaborative Vision Conference Agenda
Thursday, May 5th
8:00-8:15 - Introduction (Recorded Video), Silent Auction Opens
8:15-9:30 - Breakout Session One

  • Veering in Adults with Visual Impairments, presented by Steve McAuliff
  • AT Decision-Making: Using the WATI Process, presented by Wanda Routier, Cassy Hollenbeck, and Ashley Ward
  • What is the Deal with Deafblindness? Presented by Jennifer Gettelman
9:45-11:00 - Breakout Session Two
  • Birth Control: Methods for Adapting Instruction for Females who are Blind, presented by Gaylen Kapperman, Stacy Kelly, Rebecca Kelley, and Kristina Sutton
  • Breaking Down the Changes to the Wisconsin Blind and Visually Impaired Disability Category, presented by Alisha Ragainis and Meghan Fredel
  • Access to Print in the Classroom, presented by Luke Scriven and Cory Ballard
11:15-12:15 - Vendor Hour
12:15-1:15 - Lunch
1:15-2:15 - Keynote Presentation: The Impact of COVID-19 on Individuals with Visual Impairments, presented by Penny Rosenblum
2:30-3:45 - Breakout Session Three
  • Wisconsin Teens and Young Adult Travelers Finding Wheels, presented by Penny Rosenblum
  • What’s the Complexity? Designing an Accessible School Day for Children with CVI Part One, presented by Matt Tietjen
4:00-5:15 - Breakout Session Four
  • Practical Tips about Lighting, Color, Contrast, and Filters, presented by Amy Wurf
  • What’s the Complexity? Designing an Accessible School Day for Children with CVI Part Two, presented by Matt Tietjen
Friday, May 6th
8:00-8:15 - Introduction (Recorded Video)
8:15-9:15 - Keynote Presentation: Going the Extra Mile: Exploring the History of Annie Sullivan, presented by Cay Holbrook
9:30-10:45 - Breakout Session One
  • Check Your Biases at the Door, presented by Jennifer Ottowitz - CANCELLED
  • Birth to 3: Functional Vision Evaluations, presented by Colleen Kickbush
11:00-12:15 - Breakout Session Two
  • Level Up: Tips for Increasing Braille Reading Speed and Proficiency, presented by Jennifer Ottowitz - CANCELLED
  • Streaming to Success, Tips and Tricks for the Victor Reader Trek and Victor Reader Stream, presented by Jim Denham
12:15-12:45 - Lunch
12:45-1:15 - WAER Annual Meeting
1:15-2:30 - Breakout Session Three
  • Smart Home of the Blind and Fabulous, Marge Lebrick, Bill Adams, and Jason Martin
  • Preparing for College and Beyond, presented by Dave Ballmann
2:45-3:15 - Awards, Silent Auction Closes