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Using Embossers to Make STEM Content

Working with embossers can be frustrating. First, it can be hard to know which embosser one should even get. Then, how do you set it up? Once you've set it up, how do you effectively use it?
This presentation will go over that information. Using the PixBlaster and PageBlaster from APH as the focus, participants will learn how to set them up with their computer, how to work with them using free software to make braille and graphics, and get a chance to review samples.

Participants will:

  1. Learn three ways that embossers can be set up and what the advantage of each method is.
  2. Learn how to make braille and graphics for their embosser using three different free programs.
  3. Be able to name three differences between the PixBlaster and PageBlaster embossers.

This session was presented on March 3, 2022 by William Freeman.