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Question the Authorities Series: How Many Braille Readers?

Tune in April 20 at 7:00 pm Eastern for the next episode in AER's "Question the Authorities" webinar series, featuring Rebecca Sheffield, Frances Mary D'Andrea, and Sarah Chatfield, authors of the recently published research article, "How Many Braille Readers? Policy, Politics, and Perception" (JVIB, Jan/Feb 2022). Mark Richert will interview this team of researchers about the questions which prompted their investigation and the challenges they encountered in their research. They'll also discuss implications and additional questions arising from the results of their in-depth study. Join us live to hear the discussion and have a chance to ask your own questions about braille literacy statistics.

Participants will be able to:

  1. List several barriers to collecting consistent information about the prevalence of braille use.
  2. Describe the policy implications of having limited data about braille instruction and usage.
  3. Discuss current efforts that are underway that could assist our field in gathering data about the use of braille in the US.
  4. Analyze the implications of the lack of a formal definition of braille literacy for the field of blindness/visual impairments.