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Planning for Change: Including Vision Loss as a Covered Condition of Medical Insurance

Vision problems in the United States continue to rise, with a projected doubling of visual conditions in this country from nearly 8 million affected individuals to greater than 16 million individuals by 2050. Without implementing strategies to ameliorate their quality of life through access to rehabilitation and medical intervention, individuals, their families, their communities, and all of society will be impacted negatively. This presentation proposes a change in Medicaid policy to expand insurance benefits of vision coverage to be available in all states, and to also include vision loss insurance as a standard benefit.

Participants will understand:
1. The projected numbers of persons with vision loss by 2050
2. The current availability of vision insurance and vision loss insurance
3. The implications of not having access to vision loss insurance
4. The benefits of having access to vision loss insurance

This session was presented by Dr. Jennifer Perry on October 7, 2021.

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