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I Want to Work: Integrating Career Exploration and Work Skills Training into a Student’s Daily Life

This presentation will provide a foundation and road map to help teachers, parents and vision professionals support students and young adults through the career exploration and job readiness process. Understanding the special needs and barriers experienced by students with vision loss when considering how to learn about the world of work helped us to develop a unique format that integrates these activities into the typical school day and life of our students. In addition to detailing how the program was developed and introducing its key components, HOW to use the information will be discussed through a case study of one of the presenter's own students.

Learning objectives:
1. Review the needs for transition activities that our students have
2. Understand the barriers that exist for developing additional skill sets in these areas
3. Explore Job Readiness outcomes
4. Integration of activities into the typical school day or life activities

Presented by Nancy Parkin-Bashizi.

Captions and transcripts are under production and will soon be available.
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