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What are You Going to Do on Rainy, Snowy, or Excessive Heat Days?

Camp conjures up thoughts of all things outdoors except when the weather has another idea. What do you do when the weather changes outdoor O&M lesson plans?
One idea is to play trivia games, the one that will be presented here should be familiar. The versions presented here focus on the O&M Division, practitioners, advanced and emerging learners.
Learners will understand how to create their own trivia games using the technique incorporated into the ones created for What are you Going to Do on Rainy, Snowy, or Excessive Heat Days?

Learners will:
1. Understand the functions of the O&M Division.
2. Understand methods to present concepts at age-appropriate levels for individuals with visual impairments.
3. Leave with questions from three different audiences: professionals, advanced learners, and emerging learners.

Presented by JoAnne Chalom, Ed.S., COMS and Margaret Winn, MA, COMS.

Captions are autogenerated and may contain spelling errors.