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Whether learning your neighborhood, a college campus or important landmarks/buildings within the community, print maps are often provided to assist in orientation. What about tactile maps? While most people give little thought to spatial orientation, including the information they use when planning and executing routes or reestablishing their orientation when they become disoriented, we will take time to discuss tactile map reading instructional methods and tools for K-12 students as well as adventitiously blind adults. Many of these techniques may be used during this time of remote instruction.

This session was originally presented on December 3, 2020 by Leanne Grillot and Karen Poppe.
Captions and transcripts are under production and will soon be available.

NOTE: Each webinar contains an opening and closing code, given verbally by the moderator. You will need these codes to complete the assessment and earn the certificate for the program. Please note the opening and closing codes while viewing the webinar.